Saturday, January 30, 2010

Teaching Cameron

The video Digital Generation Project Youth Portrait: Cameron is worth thinking about for several reasons.

There are three different perspectives I would like to explore. First, what would Cameron think if he were a student in my class. Would he be excited about the learning experiences I have constructed for him? Would he benefit and learn valuable lessons as a result from being in my class? Secondly, what about his parents. Will they respect my contributions to their son's education? How will they anticipate being involved in his learning experiences? The last perspective to question is my own. As a teacher, how will having Cameron in my class change my approach to teaching? Is this an issue of control or need? What if I've been teaching the same way for a long time and it has always worked before? Why wouldn't it work now? There may not be any conclusive answers to these questions, but certainly the time spent thinking about the possible answers will serve us well.

Several articles have been written about Teaching in the 21st Century, so it seems as though things are always changing and teachers will always be adjusting to meet the needs of students in every century.

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